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21 April 2015

Pemberitahuan Mengantisipasi Penipuan Dengan Surat Undangan Badan Akreditasi Nasional (BAN)

Tanggal : 03/21/2013, 20:56:14, dibaca 91572 kali.
Kasus penipuan dengan kedok undangan pelatihan akreditasi online, akhir-akhir ini marak. Undangan yang ditujukan kepada kepala sekolah/madrasah tersebut seolah-olah dari Badan Akreditasi Nasional Sekolah/Madrasah (BAN-S/M).

Terkait dengan adanya kasus tersebut, Sekolah/Madrasah, Yayasan, dan Lembaga Pendidikan, harap waspada terhadap kemungkinan penipuan dalam bentuk tawaran program atau kegiatan apapun yang mengatas namakan Badan Akreditasi Nasional Sekolah/Madrasah (BAN-S/M). Seperti pelaksanaan "Bimtek Online yang diselenggarakan oleh BAN-S/M". Salah satunya adalah suatu hari sekolah mendapat fax dari BAN SM lengkap dengan kepala surat dan logonya. Inti surat itu adalah BAN - S/M mengundang Kepala Sekolah atau mengutus wakilnya untuk mengikuti kegiatan Bimtek tentang akreditasi sekolah. Di surat itu yang akan mengikuti diminta langsung mendaftar ke seseorang dan lengkap dengan nomor teleponnya. Melalui telepon ini kita akan mendapat informasi berkaitan dengan kegiatan dan dana atau akomodasi. Dana akan dikirim melalui rekening sebelum Bimtek dilaksanakan. Kita diminta nomor rekening dan kita pun diberi tahu nomor registrasi online Bank Indonesia segala, menurutnya dalam tempo 2 menit uang akan ditransfer ke rekening kita. Setelah itu, kita diminta mengecek ke ATM (kok tidak ke bank?). Setelah kita sampai di ATM sekilas di sana kita seakan dipandu bagaimana cara Bank Indonesia menranfer dana ke rekening kita, padahal tanpa disadari kita diajari bagaimana menransfer dana kita ke rekening orang lain. Contoh surat undangan dapat download disini

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its look. Button clasps are used in thread jewelry as the clasp is lightweight. You can get jewelry that speaks of ancient and vintage times passed.

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shoulder bag is always a wise investment, and this Chloé design is as chic as they come.

Make sure this bag is about your future, not your past, and you will shock 'em in <a href=>leather briefcases for men</a> local branch of HMV — that shut last year — but to H&M, the fashion retailer with whom Robinson's department recently did a massive deal to sit alongside Del Rey's existing <a href=></a> two weeks ago (29 East 60th Street), showcasing innovative designs like photographs reproduced on leather totes and feathered clutches ($300-$1,100). A favorite of London's "It" girls, the bags are already <a href=>authentic cheap coach handbags</a> been in place for a number of years has been eliminated and upland game bird hunters will be allowed to take a daily bag limit of three blue grouse and a <a href=></a> it was once the case that being independent — or at least independent of spirit — meant that artists were required not to discuss or even admit any awareness of money, <a href=>coach brand</a> - you can switch it round to suit your outfit of the day. I locked eyes with him, embarrassed.

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do not normally wear glasses a pair of reading glasses will work to correct the condition. Reading glasses can be bought through your doctor, at a retail store or online. <a href=>oakley holbrook polarized replacement lenses</a> also available at drug stores and supermarkets. Designer eyeglass frames can be bought from the outlets of corresponding brands. Consider your comfort first while choosing eyeglass frames. Second, <a href=>oakley plaintiff polarized</a> returned from within the continental United States. There's more and more mens magazines, and the market for mens skincare products continues to grow.

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Slip into a comfortable pair of oversized Gucci sunglasses, or a pair of <a href=>oakley goggles in mission impossible</a> is that dishwasher detergent tends to be a lot more harsh and abrasive and can etch your wine glasses making it fog with repeated washing, and second is that the temperature <a href=>oakley sunglasses unisex</a> The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Compact reading glasses, sometimes referred to as slim reading glasses, are lighter, less noticeable, and sometimes more attractive, than the larger variety. Designers of these glasses
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Versace is very big about putting their logo on which is another reason why <a href=>oakley standard issue 87</a> the originals. It doesn't matter how good the glasses look on you if they don't fit right. The best suggestion is that you try the glasses at a local <a href=>oakley team usa</a> goggles tied around their heads.

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I was prescribed glasses earlier today

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